During the annual Fall Inspection the registered the 10 1,5 year old ewes were very successfull again with an average of 89,5 points, including 3 A-90 ewes, 1 A-91 ewe and 1 A-92 Ewe. Both rams from VOF van Norel were registered with 88 point. Once again a very succesfull day.

On 21-02-2012 ram 0866-23610P has been registered finally with the next gradiation bar   H: 74  L: 84  D:39

Today, 05-02-2012 we have sold ram 0866-0743 at the age of 6 year to Henk Bies. We wish Henk succes with this excellent ram

During the annual Fall Inspection the registered ewes were very successfull again with an average of 88.8 points, including 2 a-90 ewes and 1 A-92 ewe. Ramlamb 03230-91870  is registered with 88 point.


Today we sold ram 0866-23610  to M. van Gaal. The ram has fertilized 1o ewes this year and next year we can continue to use him.

We have purchased some older breeding ewes from W. Blanchaert, due to blood renewal at our company. We try to build a fresh bloodline out this ancient and fertile bloodline (Ancestress 4066-0115).

Based on his descendants ram 0866-23610 became a  Premiumram yesterday. The ram is used by Piet Kiemeneij.

Purchased by Jos van Bergen, ramlamb 3230-91870. A beautifully developed and very well muscled ramlamb. VB: 108/33.

Today our best ramlamb sold to SW Schuitema. He is a son of ram 3230-1600 and his mother is a daughter of 4210-4492 A90

Today in the Air, our completely renewed website. On thes website you will find very much information about our Breeding